The explosion lit the midnight sky for sixteen miles in every direction. In a heartbeat, two hundred and four men died when the USS Rowan (DD 405) took a German E-Boat torpedo. Among the casualties was Francis Kirwin "Bob" Seeley. Among the seventy survivors was his older brother, Lewis E. Seeley.

SHIPMATES is the true story of two brothers who served aboard an ill-fated World War II destroyer; one lived, the other died. Forty years after the sinking, survivor Lewis E. Seeley seeks out his former shipmates. Together they relive the allure of adventure that drew a generation into war, the duty and honor that helped them get through the darkest days, the grief that united them, and the love and enduring friendship that sustained them.


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ISBN 1-882127-02-1



"A story of love, unrelenting
   sacrifices, courage and fear"

       -- Bill Hagen, Jr., Texas

"SHIPMATES is one of the finest personal memoirs of World War II that we have read, and that includes Crossing the Line and Battleship Sailor. It should be required reading for every young sailor."

      -Mike & Terry McKinnon, Arkansas

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